This ebook and journal will help you tackle challenges in your life that don’t have easy answers. Written from the perspective of life with a chronic illness, these keys are designed to help you think more broadly about how to move forward in a difficult situation.

Rare disease was a barrier for me. But through a lifetime of experience, I learned my medical condition actually held powerful lessons. Here, I pass these lessons along.  In this short book, I share the keys I used throughout my life to overcome my own challenges and accomplish unusual levels of success. Applicable for everyone; not just for those fighting rare disease or chronic illness.

When you get this ebook, you will: 

  • Understand three key mindsets for overcoming challenges
  • Get practical insight into how to move forward when you are stuck.
  • Learn the difference between surface level barriers and unexamined barriers.
  • Have space to journal your own insights to create change.


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