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Three Practical Tips for Managing a Dramatic Diet Change

Three Practical Tips for Managing a Dramatic Diet Change

Changing to a significantly different diet is not easy. I had to do this two years ago when I transitioned from a medically restricted low protein diet to a regular standard American diet. Learn some tips to make the change easier.

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Learn more about a variety of keynotes, workshops, trainings, and other programs Sarah offers empowering others to discover their authentic self. Help you and your team untap their true potential by overcoming barriers, transforming their leadership, and expanding cultural awareness through diversity, inclusion and more.

About Prosperous PKU

Prosperous PKU centers around wellness. But not wellness from a traditional, commercial sense in that you have to be or do something specific to be well, like lose weight or eat an organic diet. My name is Sarah Hope Marshall, and I created Prosperous PKU out of my lifelong battle with rare disease. Wellness as defined by conventional health beauty standards was never an option for me. However, my accomplishments have far exceeded what doctors told my parents would be possible when I was diagnosed at 11 days old. Prosperous PKU aims to pass along the lessons I learned about what it means to live well.


Wellness means self-awareness, discipline, stewarding what you have, living life with purpose, advocating for yourself and others, communicating well, internal leadership, and appreciating the diversity in this world. Wellness is a state of being, not a specific body weight. Wellness requires understanding your own values and making decisions from a place of authenticity. It is a state of prospering, which means to succeed in what you set out to achieve, as defined by your own internal goals, values, and visions.

Your Story Matters

You have lived a life full of experiences that are important and significant. All of us have days where life feels average, but that does not mean that you are.


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How to Solve Impossible Problems: by Sarah Hope Marshall

Rare disease was a barrier for me. But through a lifetime of experience, I learned my medical condition actually held powerful lessons. Here, I pass these lessons along.

With this ebook, you will: 

  • Understand three key mindsets for overcoming challenges
  • Get practical insight into how to move forward when you are stuck.
  • Learn the difference between surface level barriers and unexamined barriers.
  • Have space to journal your own insights to create change.