How we show up is important. Showing up means being engaged, putting one’s best self forward, committing to something, following through, doing excellent work. It is easy to forget to do this for yourself too. 

  Showing up means more than just making an appearance. It means being present in the moment and doing what is necessary to make the best impression, be noticed, or support someone. Showing up looks like dressing for the job you want, not the job you have. It looks like getting up in the early hours of the morning to drive a friend to the airport. It looks like sacrificing sleep for your kids. It looks like putting extra hours into a passion project or staying up for a few extra hours studying after work to advance your education. All of those are really good things. Being present will get you a lot further in life than just trying to make it aimlessly through. Many of those things also have long term pay-outs that are important. 

 In all of that day to day of showing up for others, we can neglect to show up for ourselves too. And showing up for ourselves might look like the exact opposite of the above. Showing up for yourself may look like setting boundaries around your work and saying no to your boss’ request. It can look like turning down an extra project because you know how much it will take from your personal life. It can look like skipping that one extra class to complete your education faster in order to make healthy foods and exercise so you feel your best. It can look like sitting home quietly with a good book instead of going out with friends on a weekend. It can also look like having a weekend away with your closest friends. It often looks like the quiet decisions that don’t get much attention. 

 Showing up for yourself is the action that allows you to show up for others without sacrificing yourself. Showing up for yourself is not the same as saying no to everything or prioritizing every decision around your own wants. Life is interesting when we stretch ourselves and it becomes rewarding when we give of ourselves. In order to show up for ourselves, we just need to be aware. It is understanding how much we can handle, what or who drains us, and what breathes life and energy back into us when we are tired. It is having a vision and prioritizing that.  When we understand those, we can make decisions to ensure we have the capacity to continue to show up for others. This is accomplished by making sure you show up for yourself, too.